Our mission is to develop, manufacture and distribute, to healthcare establishments all over the world, injectable medicines which help to improve the healthcare offer and save lives.

Panpharma – a specialist in the injectable medicines sector

Our Group is known for its recognised expertise in the development, production and marketing of injectable medicines for use in healthcare establishments.

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A global presence

Established in France, in 1983, the Panpharma Group has become one of the French market leaders. At the same time we have grown rapidly on an international level, now present in more than 100 countries.

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Innovate to meet the needs of healthcare professionals and patients

To meet the needs of healthcare establishments and patients, we dedicate a substantial part of our resources to research and development.

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A company which is responsible and committed




Our diversity of talent and our strength

At Panpharma, we mobilise our resources and skills to operate in a socially responsible manner for the long term.

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