Why join Panpharma?

To join the Panpharma Group is to give yourself the opportunity to work in a globalised, dynamic and stimulating sector within an international company on a human scale which is the leader in its field: injectable medicines.

10 good reasons for joining us…

By joining Panpharma, you will contribute directly to its mission: the development, manufacture and marketing of injectable medicines which are used, every day, to save lives worldwide.

Our core activities are exciting but demanding. They are continually changing. The challenges are immense and at Panpharma, we have a performance culture. You will have challenges to face and we will give you the means to succeed.

Panpharma is a family-run group on a human scale. This is why our employees are offered a broad range of varied activities and missions which develop their versatility and enhance their skills.

Whether you join Panpharma as a young graduate or an experienced professional, you will soon be involved in stimulating projects with room for manoeuvre and major responsibilities. At Panpharma, there is actually very little hierarchy. Decisions can be taken quickly and every employee can make a real contribution to the company history.

Panpharma goes to great lengths to allow its employees to develop and adapt their skills for the whole of their career: support, professional interviews, continuing training (2.5 % of the total payroll) and accreditation of prior learning. From your point of view, this ensures your employability and facilitates your mobility. From Panpharma’s perspective, this acts as a major lever of competitiveness and transformation.

At Panpharma, all our employees count. We have established a real dialogue within the company and always strive to establish human relationships based on trust and open-mindedness. Everyone has a voice, everyone is listened to.

At Panpharma, we always strive for simplicity. We follow clear strategies and develop solutions that focus on good sense and efficacy. We establish, within the company and with our external contacts, relations based on openness and honesty.

We do everything we can to ensure that our employees enjoy coming in every morning to do their bit. Well-being at work is actually a key factor in performance. We regularly ask our employees for their opinions so we can meet their expectations.

The Panpharma Group favours internal mobility and publishes its employment opportunities within the Group in the first instance. Applicants with a profile suitable for the post are interviewed and the chosen candidates will receive support and the necessary training to succeed in their new functions.

So do we. At Panpharma, we aim for overall performance: a balance between economic effectiveness, social justice and environmental conservation. We fight to achieve this balance and have obtained ISO 26000 certification (level 3). Diversity and equality are the order of the day at Panpharma: more than 65% of Group employees are women and our management committee includes as many women as men.