Innovate to meet the needs of healthcare professionals and patients

To meet the needs of healthcare establishments and patients, we dedicate a substantial part of our resources to research and development. We develop an average of three new products per year in our major markets and we consistently improve our existing products: preservative-free formulations, maximum purity levels, optimised shelf lives and appropriate dosages. Panpharma has acquired unique expertise in the area of anti-infectives, which is why it can offer such a wide range and one that is enhanced every year.

5% of revenue generated is invested in R&D

Innovation, which implies substantial investment in human resources and equipment, is one of our priorities.

  • The establishment of analytical laboratories integrated with our production units
  • Setting up teams of regulatory affairs personnel specialising in developing and obtaining MAs in France and in the countries where we have a presence (1,600 MAs held in over 75 countries)
  • Collaboration in a network with experts, scientific institutions and strategic partners