To produce according to the highest international quality standards

The Panpharma Group manufactures the majority of medicines it distributes. Its industrial sites established in France and Germany also undertake contract production for third-party companies. Their annual production capacity is about 220 million vials.

In healthcare, there is only one possible industrial policy: the one that aims for excellence. That is why our industrial policy is based on 4 complementary pillars:

  • Continuous improvement of industrial processes thanks to regular investment
  • Constant efforts to develop the skills, well-being and safety of our teams
  • Control of the supply chain in active substances
  • Permanent optimisation of competitiveness to incorporate our clients’ budget constraints

To guarantee the reliability and availability of our products for our clients, we buy our active substances, most frequently sterile, from GMP suppliers selected on the basis of multiple highly demanding criteria. Our supply policy is characterised by:

  • Strict selection of suppliers with, on average, 100 quality audits conducted every year
  • Setting up preferential partnerships with our main suppliers
  • Technical and regulatory support for suppliers to achieve GMP approval
  • A constant market watch (operators, competitors, influential factors, etc.)

Over the past 30 years, our multi-cultural and multi-skilled personnel (sourcing, purchasing, regulations, quality and control) have developed an excellent understanding of the sterile raw material suppliers around the world.

Established in the most demanding countries as regards regulation, the Panpharma Group offers healthcare establishments all the guarantees required in manufacture and distribution.

  • Compliance with highest quality standards worldwide (under the control of the ANSM and BfArM)
  • Thorough knowledge of the products distributed which are developed and manufactured in our factories
  • Proximity to our clients and a logistics chain capable of a rapid and appropriate response
  • Social responsibility in employing and training local teams

Our industrial sites

Aseptic filling of powders for injection
Annual production capacity:
100 m vials

Luitré – France


Penicillin unit:
2 production lines
Vials: from 8 to 100 mL

Cephalosporin line:
1 production line
Vials: from 8 to 100 mL

Beignon – France


1 production line
Vials: from 8 to 50 mL

EU-GMP – Brazil-ANVISA – Saudi Arabia-FDA – GCC certification

Manufacture of parenteral liquid forms
Annual production capacity:
120 m units

Trittau – Germany


Aseptic filling / Final sterilisation
2 production lines
Ampoules: from 1 to 25 ml
1 production line
Vials: from 5 to 100 ml
Certifications: EU-GMP
Narcotic products licence