Panpharma in figures

An international laboratory specialising in injectable medicines for hospital use


Established in 1983

100% family-owned

500 employees


5% of revenue p.a.

1 600 MA held worldwide

85 pharmaceutical specialities distributed


3 GMP production sites (2 in France, 1 in Germany)

GMP, ANVISA, Saudi Arabia, FDA, GCC certifications , ISO 14001 (France), ISO 26000, ISO 50001 (Germany)

Annual production capacity of 220 million units


60% of revenue is generated outside France

Active in 75 countries over 5 continents

4 subsidiaries (France, Germany, UK and the Nordics)

500,000 units of Panpharma injectable medicines used every day


6 therapeutic areas:

Anti-infectives, Analgesia, Anaesthesia, Corticoids & hormones, Cardio-vascular medicines, Neurology medicines