Antibiotics: One of Panpharma’s major specialities

Injectable antibiotics are priority medicines for Panpharma. They represent 40% of our product portfolio. Our expertise is based in particular on:

  • An excellent understanding of sterile antibiotic raw material suppliers throughout the world
  • Our capacity to support our suppliers in technical and regulatory matters
  • Dedicated production sites

Treasures to keep

The discovery of penicillin by Alexander Fleming in 1928 paved the way for many other antibiotics and represented a major advance for medicine by making possible a considerable increase in mean life expectancy. Bacterial infections were the main cause of death in the past. Antibiotics can be used to treat many diseases that would otherwise be fatal (tuberculosis, gangrene, pneumonia, syphilis). Like all the great inventions that are essential to our everyday life, antibiotics may appear to be timeless. In fact, they are under threat…

Treasures under threat

Up to now, antibiotic resistance had always been contained by the arrival of new antibiotics with greater efficacy against resistant bacteria. Yet, for economic reasons, research into antibiotics has been on the decline and far fewer products are coming onto the market today. It is just possible that pathogenic bacteria may gain the upper hand over antibiotics…

In addition, there is a growing awareness that raw materials producers and manufacturers are gradually abandoning, for economic or regulatory reasons, manufacture of the old medicines. The lack of access to certain antibiotics then prompts doctors to prescribe other less targeted and less effective antibiotics, which may cause side effects and enhance antibiotic resistance.

Panpharma’s contribution

To combat these dangers, Panpharma has chosen to invest by maintaining:

  • Production units that comply with the highest quality standards, given over to specific antibiotics (penicillins, cephalosporins, non ß-lactams)
  • A wide range of different antibiotics: 30 pharmaceutical specialities belonging to 15 families for appropriate targeting in different clinical situations
  • Investments in R&D that enhance the range, especially with more targeted older antibiotics or even forgotten antibiotics which retain remarkable therapeutic efficacy

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Highest quality standards

30 specialities

15 families