Panpharma selected under the healthcare industry support plan.

Panpharma is the only producer of antibiotic in France with one of the world’s most comprehensive product ranges. Panpharma will be investing 25 million euros to modernise the production lines at its plant in Luitré, Brittany which will double its production capacity. This will meet the increased demand in France and for export, especially in the event of a pandemic. The French government selected the Panpharma project, recognising the significance of our position in the national recovery plan.

These investments will enhance the independence of France in the production of drugs with major therapeutic benefits, for example – penicillins and injectable cephalosporins (the most widely used antibiotics).

“As a French laboratory manufacturing injectable antibiotics, we are fully aware of the scale of our responsibility. This is why it is crucial for us to continue to guarantee the supply of these products providing major therapeutic benefits, by investing in our industrial capacity in order to satisfy demand and to become more competitive. This will guarantee our future.” Pierre Moysan, CEO