Work experience

Between 5 and 7 March 2019, Panpharma participated in the Classes en Entreprise work experience programme for the second year in succession, hosting at the Luitré site twenty-seven Year 10 students from Thérèse Pierre de Fougères School.
Coordinated by the Union des Entreprises 35 business association in partnership with Rennes Academy, the Departmental Council and Medef Bretagne, the programme has a dual objective:
• To inform students about the nature, diversity and demands of the work carried out at Panpharma
• To help young people decide on their own career path

In addition to the lessons delivered by their teachers, during the three days of the programme the students found out about four different roles:
• Maintenance Technician
• Production Operator
• IT Support Technician
• Production Pharmacist

The students subsequently gave presentations in school covering their experiences, in front of their parents, teachers and other professionals participating in the programme.